Arranging a Funeral

When someone we love and respect has died it is a very emotional and upsetting time in our lives. Sometimes it is the first time we have to face dealing with death, so when it comes to making funeral arrangements we want to do the right thing. The right funeral is not necessarily the same for everybody, all funeral arrangements are made to respect the needs and desires of the person that has died and the family we are serving. There are no two funerals the same, we are all unique, therefore a funeral should reflect a persons own life. Our funeral directors at O Carroll’s Funeral Home want to assist you in making arrangements that suit you by caring for the bereaved and the deceased.

When a death occurs, the doctor will either give or confirm that they will issue a certificate as to the cause of death. The making of the funeral arrangements may now proceed. The family decides what they would like to happen and the funeral director is contacted. We will act as a liaison person between the clergy, the cemetery or crematorium. We will co-ordinate the arrangements and confirm these with the family. Our trained personnel will transfer the deceased from the place of death for the preparation and or / embalming. When that process is complete the deceased is ready for viewing at the funeral home, the hospital mortuary or the family home. The family with our help if needed will draft the death announcements for the newspapers. We will then arrange to have these published on the newspapers or announced on the radio stations chosen by the family. We will also arrange the transportation at the removal and funeral, organise the music, soloists and flowers. We will provide you with an estimate of funeral expenses.